Greg Jones Wins Auto Trial

Greg Jones represented Auto Owners Insurance Company in a personal injury claim for uninsured motorist benefits. After a week long trial, the jury rejected the plaintiffs request for well over a million dollars in damages..

Recent Insurance Coverage Win

John Guyton represented a gentleman injured in an auto accident. The at fault drivers auto insurer denied coverage for the accident. Through 2 separate lawsuits and an appeal, we successfully prosecuted the matters and recovered over $500,000 in damages and attorney’s fees. The final judgment where the insurance company had wrongfully denied coverage is attached.

Final Judgment

Recent Appeals Victory

Mike Rywant and Kerry McGuinn prevailed on an appeal by the losing party, and following a jury trial.

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Jury Verdict For John Guyton

John Guyton prevailed in a 5 day liability trial. The losing party was then ordered to pay his clients costs. Judgment attached.

Amended Final Judgment

Andrew Russo Succeeds In Obtaining A Summary Judgment

Andrew Russo succeeds in obtaining a summary judgment reversal in an insurance coverage dispute pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit.

Sanderson Appeal Order


Mike Rywant Prevails In An Insurance Coverage Matter

Mike Rywant prevails in an insurance coverage matter on appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit.

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John Guyton Recognized For Pro Bono Work

John Guyton is recognized for his pro bono efforts through Community Legal Services of Mid Florida.

Pro Bono Legal Services

John Guyton Prevails In An Insurance Coverage Matter

Order Granting Southern-Owners Insurance Company’s Amended Motion For Final Summary Judgment.

Final Summary Judgment